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ABC Science Podcasts

The "ABC" in question here happens to be the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and they have come up with a smashing collection of science podcasts. Visitors can sign up to receive new podcasts via RSS feed, but they should definitely test the waters here by listening to any one of Dr Karl's "Great Moments of Science" or an edition of "Talking Science", which features interviews with various...
BAM! Radio Network

BAM! (body and mind) Radio started out in 2007 as a single online radio program aimed at parents who were interested in encouraging a healthy body and a healthy mind in their children. It has since expanded and now features four distinct yet related stations: Educators Radio, EdTech Radio, Leaders Radio, and Parents Radio. Users can find a good deal of content on the homepage, including episodes...
Nicecast 1.0

While some computer users may be content with listening to streaming music feeds online, others may be compelled to broadcast their own musical selections. This is made quite easy by the Nicecast application, which helps users create their own internet radio station, along with affording users access to their iTunes music library from anywhere across the globe. The application includes a built-in...

A number of media commentators have been complaining lately about the lack of ideological viewpoints within the vast sea of radio programming, something that has not been lost on the people at OneWorldRadio. Funded by the Department for International Development, OneWorld Radio is part of an international network of over 1200 partner organizations that are utilizing the internet "to promote human...
Radio Garden

Want to listen to music but not sure what to put on? Interested in hearing a radio broadcast from the other side of the globe? Originally featured in our 1-20-2017 issue, Radio Garden remains one of our all-time favorite resources. Radio Garden is an extraordinary website that allows visitors to listen to over 8,000 live radio stations from around the world. Created by Jonathan Puckey with...
The Kim Komando Show

Billed as the "Digital Goddess", the radio host Kim Komando has been providing assistance to those befuddled by computer technology for many years, and her website will prove to be most valuable to those looking for assistance in this area. First-time visitors to the site will want to peruse some of her recent columns, which address such timely topics as hacking, preserving digital images, and...
VOA: VOA News in 53 Languages

The Voice of America (VOA) began broadcasting in 1942, with the expressed object of providing accurate, objective, and reliable news to people in closed or war-torn societies. VOA has continued to evolve through the postwar, Cold War, and now post-Cold War eras, and presently produces and broadcasts over 900 hours of news and information programs each week in 53 languages to a worldwide audience...
Woman's Hour

As its website proclaims, the "Woman's Hour" on BBC Radio is designed for the purpose of "celebrating, informing and entertaining women." As part of a larger set of sites dedicated to like-minded resources for women from the BBC's Radio 4, this particular program tackles a number of germane subjects, including relationships, health, politics, and cooking. One of the definitive highlights is the...
Word for Word

Not many public radio programs can claim to have a host who has worked on a pirate radio ship off the English coast, but Word for Word is just that type of program. Host Melinda Penkava oversees the work of this remarkable program, which offers up an interesting and timely speech on a pressing topic in the news. These speeches come from such venues as the National Press Club, the Chautauqua...