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Adblock Plus

As far as the staff at Scout is concerned, ads are the bitter cup of the web surfing experience. Enter Adblock Plus, a free browser extension that 300 million users have already downloaded. This handy installation blocks ads all over the web, including YouTube and Facebook. Compatible with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
Advertising World

Billed as "The Ultimate Marketing Communications Guide," Advertising World has been created by the department of advertising at University of Texas at Austin. Advertising World is a comprehensive directory of marketing communications information ranging from online discussion lists to lists of sites featuring online advertisements for specific products to a page called unconventional media, which...
uBlock Origin

Many modern websites integrate third-party content from all over the web. Visible examples include embedded Google maps, Disqus comments, Facebook "like" buttons, and advertising. Online user tracking also works this way, but can be much harder to spot. uBlock Origin is a general-purpose content filter. It permits users to decide which third-party content they wish to allow on their computer. In...
Unleash your Idea Virus

In his book, Unleashing the Idea Virus, Godin explores the concept of "ideaviruses," or those ideas or trends that seem spread entirely by word of mouth. New ideas are driving the New Economy, and those "ideas that spread the fastest win." Godin predicts that word of mouth, which is faster, easier to launch, and more effective than traditional marketing strategies, will soon become the preferred...