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Petroleum industry and trade

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View Resource ANWR Technology

Drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska has been a topic of debate for many years. Although initial exploratory drilling has not yet been authorized by the government, this site presents some technologies that could eventually be used to find and extract oil without damaging the land. Nine articles describe different drilling methods, spill prevention tactics,...
View Resource As the initial construction of a massive gas pipeline begins in Brazil, a number of groups remain concerned about the effects

Threatened Amazon tribes fight against the odds Indigenous Peoples in Brazil [Macromedia Flash Player] Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries [Macromedia Flash Player, pdf] Woods Hole Research Center: Amazon Ecology Program...
View Resource Exxon and Mobil Merge

This week's In the News looks at the recent megamerger between Exxon Corporation and Mobil Corporation. The ten resources discussed provide news, financial data, and opinion on the largest corporate purchase to date as well as information on the oil industry in general. In a move deemed "the end of the age of OPEC" by Wall Street Journal reporter Bernard Wysocki, Exxon Chairman Lee R. Raymond...
View Resource Living without Oil

The Open University is well-known for its decades-long commitment to distance learning, and is always adding new courses to its website. One of the recent additions is "Living without Oil." The course materials include a brief introduction, a statement of intended learning outcomes, summaries of each subtopic, quizzes, and an FAQ area. The materials here are divided into nine areas, including Oil...
View Resource Oil and Dependence: An NPR Special Report

Presented by National Public Radio's All Things Considered, the special report Oil and Dependence examines America's continued reliance on foreign oil. The articles discuss the global oil market, the domestic supply, and whether the US can move towards increasing energy conservation and less foreign oil dependence. Included are audio files of Christopher Joyce's reports, illustrations,...
View Resource Ranking of the World's Oil and Gas Provinces by Known Petroleum Volumes

A recent USGS open file report entitled Ranking of the World's Oil and Gas Provinces by Known Petroleum Volumes groups the worlds 937 geologic provinces into eight regions by known petroleum volumes of field. This site succintly describes the ranking methods used and results of the study. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Middle East and North Africa was found to contain nearly twice as many billions...
View Resource US Geological Survey World Energy Project

The World Energy Project's Website holds a wide collection of data including province assessment reports and maps showing geology, oil and gas fields, and geologic provinces (Africa, Arabian Peninsula, South Asia, South America, Former Soviet Union, Asia Pacific Region, and Iran). Finally, a report ranks the world's oil and gas provinces by known petroleum volumes.