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Animals -- Computer network resources


Animal Omnibus

Designed with children in mind, the Animal Omnibus site is "a list of web sources indexed by the name of the animal." Users search by animal name to get returns in the form of hyperlinked resource lists. The resource lists contain sites ranging from simple color photographs of individual species to sites steeped in scientific classification to publicly targeted zoo sites. Animal Omnibus may also...
The British Library: Listen to Nature

The British Library's new Listen to Nature web site features 400 recordings selected from the more than 150,000 animal sounds held by the Library. Listen to Nature can be browsed by location, animal type, or habitat. Maps are provided with red dots plotting the locations of recordings; clicking any dot launches a player and the sound file. Alphabetical lists of animal sounds also accompany maps...
The Electronic Zoo

The Electronic Zoo: A List of Animal-Related Computer Resources (Internet/Bitnet Mailing Lists, Gophers, World Wide Web Sites, Mail Servers, Usenet Newsgroups, FTP Archives, Commercial Online Services, and Bulletin Board Systems.)

Do you know where the red panda lives? How about the celebrated Siberian tiger? You can find out right here with the World Wildlife Fund's Wildfinder interactive tool. The long term goal of the site is "to include all of the species on Earth," an ambitious venture. Visitors will enjoy using the Search by Species and Search by Place functions found here. After typing in a species (or common animal)...