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Animal Behavior Society Web Site

Established in 1964, the Animal Behavior Society (ABS) "is a non-profit scientific society, founded to encourage and promote the study of animal behavior." The four major sections of the ABS website include background information about the Society, an Applied Animal Behavior section, Animal Behavior in Practice, and an ABS administrative section designed mostly for members and those interested in...
Animal Facts: National Geographic

Do you ever wonder about the Cane Toad? How about the Wart Newt? Or maybe you’re more fascinated by the Caroline Wren or the Tundra Swan. Whatever your proclivities, this enormously informative site from National Geographic will delight and edify. The Animal Facts are categorized by Amphibians, Birds, Bugs, Fish, Invertebrates, Mammals, Prehistoric, and Reptiles. Within each category there are at...
Animal Tails

Call it tail envy. With only a vestigial nub to show for ourselves, perhaps it's no wonder that animal tails capture our attention. The following Web sites present some of the more interesting tails to be found in the animal kingdom. The first Web site contains a recent article from Discovery News describing new findings that at least one species of scorpion produces two distinct types of tail...
Animal Tracks

For those of us living in Northern climates, when winter snow covers the landscape it provides great conditions to search for animal tracks. The following websites provide an abundance of information and resources about the ancient art of animal tracking. The first site(1 ), Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den, is an excellent comprehensive "online field guide to tracks and tracking." The site...
CalPhotos: Animals

From the University of California-Berkeley Digital Library Project (first mentioned in the April 16, 1999 Scout Report), this CalPhotos website connects visitors to 17,812 images of different animals. Site visitors can locate animal photographs using a search engine with free text fields for Scientific or Common name, Location, and Picture's ID, and drop-down menu fields for Photographer, Country,...
Giants of the Animal Kingdom

The following Web sites offer a quick tour of some of the planet's outsized inhabitants, from the relatively large (e.g. giant cave cockroach) to the just plain enormous (e.g. blue whale). The first Web site (1) is an Animal Planet Feature where visitors can meet giants of the past -- such as the giant komodo dragon and the giant sloth, and some of their smaller, modern-day cousins. The site...
Mammalogy Section

Nine of the world's 29 orders of mammals are found in the state of Washington, including bats, primates, rodents, marine mammals, and carnivores, among other groups. For a plethora of information on mammals in Washington state and beyond, check out this Webpage from the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture (University of Washington-Seattle). In the Mammals of Washington section of the...
Minnesota Zoo

This Minnesota Zoo website provides students and others with basic information about a large variety of animals from Minnesota and around the world. Examples of the numerous animals featured include the: Clouded Leopard, Red Panda, Bactrian Camel, Fishing Cat, Komodo Monitor, and Great Horned Owl. Animal profiles contain a small, clear photograph of each species; a concise description, and brief...
Oklahoma State University Department of Animal Science: Goats

This great informational website from Oklahoma State University's Department of Animal Science is all about goats (_Capra hircus_). The site provides subpages with photos and information for many breeds of goats from Alpine to Zhongwei. Site visitors can search for specific goat breeds by clicking on a letter of the alphabet or by perusing an alphabetical list of goat breeds. Links are also...
Scott Polar Research Institute: Edward Adrian Wilson

From the Scott Polar Research Institute comes this online exhibit of drawings and paintings by Edward Adrian Wilson. Wilson (1872-1912) was a physician, naturalist, and artist. Between 1901 and 1904, Wilson joined Robert Falcon Scott's Discovery expedition to Antarctica, where he served as a doctor, zoologist, and expedition artist. He returned to Antarctica with Scott on the Terra Nova expedition...
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