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Carolina Photojournalism

The North Carolina Visual Communication program at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has an award-winning web presence that covers many different areas of photojournalism, including documentary and video. Visitors interested in seeing some of the short videos students have created thus far can click on "Vimeo", on the right side of the page. The video "They Stole So Much More..." starts... Features

The full text photo essays presently available at the LIFE Magazine site are excellent examples of American photo journalism, a genre forged by LIFE Magazine, one of the oldest American photo journalism print publications. Recently added essays include "Star City: Comrades in Space," "Miracle Zoo Babies," and "The Healing Revolution." Older photo essays are available on an eclectic array of...
Photographs of the Conflict

CAIN Web Service (see the September 23, 1997 Scout Report for Social Sciences) has recently added a collection of 348 photos by Eamon Melaugh to its photo archive of Northern Ireland and the conflict. Taken mainly in Derry between 1968 and 1974, the images are divided into eight portfolios of thumbnail images: images of derry, the british army, the ira, protest, parade, riots, bloody sunday, and...
The LIFE Picture Collection

Although this is a commercial site with pictures and images for sale, users can nonetheless view and appreciate one of "the most extraordinary collections of pictures in the world" at The Picture Collection from Time, Inc. An initial free registration is required, and after that users need only log on to gain access to over 22 million images, including illustrations, prints, and photographs....
VII Photo Agency

To say that we in the modern world are bombarded with visual mass-produced images is, to say the least, a vast understatement. Photography certainly provides many of these images, yet only a small portion of their number qualify as compelling or worthy of more than a quick glance. Fortunately, there is the VII Photo Agency website, which contains dozens of thought-provoking photo essays that...