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NanoTeachers: Bringing Nanoscience into the Classroom

Are you interested in bringing nanoscience into your classroom? Well, this website may be just the thing to help. Created by staff members at the Center for Probing the Nanoscale at Stanford University and supported with funds from the National Science Foundation, the site offers instructional materials for teachers. Most of the materials can be found in the Activities area. Here interested...

Nanotechnology is the process of constructing devices from single atoms and molecules. Although it is relatively new to modern science, it is a rapidly growing industry, and advances are continually being made. Sandia National Laboratories is conducting several projects on various aspects of nanotechnology. Its Web site is a good starting point to learn the basics of nanotechnology and see videos...
Nanotechnology 101

From the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) comes Nanotechnology 101, a helpful introduction to nanotechnology and its many uses. This website may be of interest to science instructors as well as other members of the general public looking for an accessible, yet detailed, overview of this rapidly growing field. In the What It Is And How It Works section, visitors will find a twelve-page...
Nanotechnology Now

This Web site provides an outstanding introduction to the world of nanotechnology. Many standpoints of the topic are discussed, from current and future applications to the "ethics of nanotechnology." Scattered throughout the site are historic, visionary quotes and excerpts from notable journals and publications. Transcripts of interviews with prominent researchers give readers an idea of the... The World Service for Nanotechnology

This Web site is an information hub for news and developments in the world of nanotechnology. Besides monitoring nanotechnology research in industry, government, and academia, the site runs feature stories roughly every month to keep visitors up to date on some of the most important scientific breakthroughs. Conferences and workshops are also listed in an online calendar of events. Links to full...
National Institutes of Health: Nanotechnology

Visitors who are wondering what nanotechnology is and what it can be used for, will find this website from the National Institutes of Health very helpful. If visitors have wondered what a nano looks like they can check out the video on the right side of the homepage for a 30-second animated view comparing the size of a nano to everyday objects. To learn more about the use of nanotechnology in the...
National Nanotechnology Initiative: The Initiative and its Implementation Plan

This report from the National Science and Technology Council is a supplement to the President's 2003 budget. Its purpose is to emphasize the importance of nanotechnology research and highlight the accomplishments of current government efforts in order to justify additional funding for the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI). The report does a very good job of describing nanotechnology and its...
PSU Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization

As part of a collaborative effort between the National Science Foundation and a number of other institutions, the Penn State Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization is designed to incorporate nanotechnology into all levels of education and into industry applications. The materials on the site are divided into sections such as "Education", "Industry", "News", and "Resources". A good...
Quantum Dots

This topic-in-depth addresses the characteristics and numerous applications of the semiconductor nanocrystals, quantum dots. First, Evident Technologies' Nanotechnology website provides a great summary about the properties of quantum dots (1 ). Users can learn about quantum dots' photoluminescence spectra, molecular coupling, quantum confinement, and their absorption spectra. The second website,...
Scientific American: Nanotechnology

This section of the Scientific American website highlights developments in nanotechnology. Compiled here are Scientific American news articles, feature articles and In Focus articles from as early as 1997 specifically addressing nanotechnology. Visitors to the website can read about nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanochips and how "the smallest technologies are shaping the future of science."
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