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The California Digital Library marked its third anniversary with the release of several major online projects. This project, eScholarship, will serve as both a home for new tools for creating online collections of scholarly work and as a repository for "eprints" produced using these tools.
Europe's Digital Library

This European website is dedicated to addressing digital preservation problems so that those involved can better plan for future research and development. A key concern is that digital information, and specifically "cultural heritage and scientific objects," will remain accessible and usable for future generations. Although Epranet does not conduct research and development, "it will create a...
Exploratorium: Digital Library

Over the past decade, the Scout Report has reported on many of the websites created by the Exploratorium, and as each one is truly a delight, this one was a welcome find as well. Their Digital Library site brings together digital media and digitized museum materials related to interactive exhibits and scientific phenomena, such as images and a host of educational activities. Two good places to...
First Monday: Sharing Digital Resources

First Monday has posted selected papers from the Conference on Libraries and Museums in the Digital World. The conference, also known as Web Wise 2004, was sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and co-hosted by University of Illinois at Chicgao. The theme of Sharing Digital Resources addressed the different meanings and implications of sharing in the digital environment. Items...
Greetings from Milwaukee: Selections from the Thomas and Jean Ross Bliffert Postcard Collection

For close to 80 years, Milwaukee was home to two rather prodigious postcard publishers, the L.L. Cook Company and the E.C. Kropp Company. Utilizing the latest technology, these two companies produced thousands of cards that detailed the city's built environment, and in doing so, creating an extensive visual archive of the city's history and culture. Recently, the University of...
Harvard in the 17th and 18th Centuries

Several hundred years ago, Harvard University was a much smaller place, and higher education was only necessary to (or desired by) those hoping to enter a few select professions. Referring to this early period in Harvard's history, Josiah Quincy remarked in 1836 that "[Harvard] was, from the first, intimately connected with political and religious opinions and events." Supported by the Arcadia and...
Historical Directories

Sometime you may find yourself wondering one of the world's eternal questions: How many cutlers were in Sheffield during the 1850s? Well, you might not be actively seeking the answer to that particular query, but this incredibly extensive digital library created by the University of Leicester may help you solve other related historical questions. This digital library contains a host of local and...
Integrating Content Management with Digital Rights Management

This white paper, published in May 2003, explores the task of effectively managing digital content while incorporating and protecting the digital rights associated with the content. The authors begin by defining a content management system as it is discussed in their paper and outline the key components and capabilities of such a system. After touching on the foundations of digital rights, the...
Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online

The experiences of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and their companions as they moved through the American West continue to fascinate almost 200 years after they were recorded during their three-year expedition. A number of scholars have marveled at the experiences of these individuals including the legendary historian Bernard De Voto and also the late Stephen Ambrose. This remarkable website...
Learning Media

Teachers' Domain, produced by WGBH and funded in part by the National Science Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, is "a multimedia digital library for the classroom that provides learning experiences in ways no textbook can." The website offers "classroom-ready resources, as well as media-rich lesson plans and professional development resources" on Life Science, Physical...
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