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Astronomical Society of Victoria

The Astronomical Society of Victoria website promotes its efforts to act as a forum for a wide variety of people interested in astronomy. Users can find learn about the monthly meetings open to the public. The website introduces the Society's many sections including Computing, Cosmology and Astrophysics, Current Phenomena, and Radio Astronomy. The Newcomers link furnishes helpful lists of...
Astronomy 161-The Solar System

The Astronomy 161-The Solar System online course is maintained by the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Tennessee. The twenty two chapters cover everything from time and scale in the universe, development of modern astronomy, the planets, asteroids, meteors, and everything in between. Text, photographs, illustrations, and movies, help users understand the topics along with a...
Astronomy Education Review

Created by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, the Astronomy Education Review website's goal is to make "it easy to find, read about, and use new ideas and resources for teaching and outreach in astronomy and space sciences." The site is designed like an online journal with free access to current and past issues created since 2002. The issues are broken down into five categories: research...!journalLOVIView/cs=ISSN_153...
Astronomy Magazine

Looking to get started as an amateur astronomer? Here are two sites which can help you do just that. The Astronomy Magazine site, provided by Kalmbach Publishing Company, offers a table of contents and a few articles from the print magazine as well as information regarding current sky events, latest news, getting stared as an amateur astronomer, press releases, links to other astronomical sites,...
Astronomy Online

Ricky Leon Murphy decided to create this website when he was working towards a master’s degree in astronomy, and he still keeps it updated regularly, along with the assistance of his wife, Chanthirar. The site has been the recipient of several awards over the past few years, and visitors looking for basic and accessible information about the world of astronomy will not be disappointed. Near the...
Astronomy Research at Rutgers

"Astrophysics research at Rutgers ranges from late stages of stellar evolution to the early universe, and includes both observational studies at many wavelengths and theoretical work." After listing the 15 astrophysics research interests, this website summarizes the university's projects and instrumentation. Some of the summaries contain links to more in-depth information about the specific...
Astrophysical Virtual Observatory

At this website, the European Commission and six European organizations discuss the creation of the Astrophysical Virtual Observatory Project (AVO) for European astronomy. Visitors can discover the function of a Virtual Observatory (VO) as "an international astronomical community-based initiative" aimed at allowing "global electronic access to the available astronomical data archives of space and...
Australian Centre for Astrobiology

The Australian Centre for Astrobiology performs research in physics, astronomy, and cosmology, as well as investigates the possibility of life beyond Earth. After learning about the Centre's latest news and events, users can find summaries of the many current research projects including studies of ancient hydrothermal systems, remote sensing of the atmosphere of Venus, and varying constants. The...
Bad Astronomy

Philip Plait, a professor at the physics and astronomy department at Sonoma State University, explores many popular myths and misconceptions about astronomy at this amusing and educational website. Students and educators can learn which ideas promoted by television, news, movies, and the general public are false and, more importantly, why they are false. Amateur astronomers can talk with others...
Bakersfield College: Astronomy Notes

Nick Strobel, from Bakersfield College, created this website to provide educational materials for the introductory astronomy course he teaches. Users can find a seventeen chapter online textbook, equipped with fantastic astronomy images and numerous review questions. The site offers a description of angular momentum; a mathematics review; tables of astronomy constants, physical constants, planets,...
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