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A Family of Giants: First System of Multiple Planets Found around a Sun-like Star

Three planets that are larger than Jupiter have been found orbiting the star, Upsilon Andromedae. Astronomers from four research institutions have confirmed this observation. This site is a news release from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
Academic Earth

Academic Earth provides videos of lectures by top scholars in "Subjects" that range from Astronomy to Entrepreneurship to Religion, from "Universities" as celebrated as MIT, Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford. Visitors must register to view the lectures, but registration is free. There are over 1500 video lectures available, with more being added everyday. In addition to viewing the lectures...
Amazing Space

This Space Telescope Science Institute (Hubble Space Telescope) resource is a powerful educational tool that offers stunning content. The site is browser and graphic intensive. Amazing Space contains K-12 educational activities about the planets, stars, universe, and the history of telescopes; it proves to be less graphic intensive.
Amazing Space: Visions of the Universe

What have we learned about the universe over the past four centuries? Visions of the Universe asks just that, looking deep into the past to bring a bit of this history to the general public. On the site, visitors can make their way through twelve exhibits, including Storms on the Sun and Journey To Mars. Each section features a detailed poster for classroom use, along with other activities and...
Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers

The Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers' website acts as a forum and provides educational materials for both professional and amateur astronomers interested in solar system observations. The website first presents materials about its directors, staff, and membership. Then, visitors can find a wide range of interesting materials such as images of auroras and eclipses, articles about Mars,...
Astro2010: The Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey

Every ten years, the National Research Council (NRC) of The National Academy of Sciences produces a series of surveys related to their areas of scientific inquiry. The public release of the Astro2010 survey of astronomy and astrophysics took place on August 13, 2010, and visitors to this site can read the report and also watch the webcast from the release event. The goal of this publication is to...
Astronomical Society of the Pacific: Educational Resources

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) has created this website to share key educational resources in the field of astronomy with educators, students, and members of the general public. First-time visitors should take a look at "The Universe in the Classroom," the ASP's newsletter for teachers. Visitors can peruse their archive of past editions, and they will find titles such as "A Silent...
Astronomy Education Review

The Astronomy Education Review (AER) is a web-based journal for "everyone who works in astronomy and space science education." AER is published by the American Astronomical Society, and each edition contains papers, reviews of research, and short articles on innovative work in the field. The journal began in 2001, and visitors can search through the past articles by keyword or volume. On the...!journalLOVIView/cs=ISSN...
Astronomy Online

Ricky Leon Murphy decided to create this website when he was working towards a master’s degree in astronomy, and he still keeps it updated regularly, along with the assistance of his wife, Chanthirar. The site has been the recipient of several awards over the past few years, and visitors looking for basic and accessible information about the world of astronomy will not be disappointed. Near the...
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Each day a new, beautiful image or picture of our intriguing atmosphere is presented on this Web site, created by NASA, along with a short description written by an expert. By selecting Discover the Cosmos, viewers can visit the archives, which features all the images presented since June 1995. In the Index, the images are also organized into the topics: Cosmos, Solar System, Space Technology, and...
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