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Centre for Economic Performance

Established by the Economic and Social Research Council in 1990, the Centre for Economic Performance CEP at the London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the most prominent and established economic research groups in Europe. By focusing on the major links between globalization, technology and institutions, the CEP studies the determinants of economic performance at the level of...
Knowledge for Development

There is great debate about which regions of the world will be the most economically successful in the 21st century, but many scholars and pundits believe those regions will be the ones that can most successfully attract the so-called "knowledge" areas, such as information technology, nanotechnology, and a host of other fields. The World Bank is intimately interested in such developments, and has...
Oxfam International: Video

Oxfam, the British aid organization that banded together with a dozen other organizations in 1995 to form Oxfam International, has a website loaded with resources, one of which is a video library. There are many issues covered, such as climate change, tsunami survivors, AIDS, and many videos include celebrities, including Colin Firth, Scarlett Johansson, Helen Mirren, and Annie Lennox. To...
World Bank: Annual Report 2012

The World Bank offers trenchant commentary on a wide range of issues of global import, including food production, gender inequality, development practices, and higher education initiatives. As a result, the World Bank's Annual Report is given close attention by people all over the world. The 314-page report offers thoughtful commentary on all manner of activities, and it is beautifully designed...