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Jackson Laboratory - Mouse Genome Informatics: The Gene Expression Database

A very unique biomedical research institution, "The Jackson Laboratory, a non-profit institution, is the world's largest mammalian genetic research facility." As such, Jackson provides universities and hospitals worldwide with millions of mice -- representing more than 2,500 varieties -- each year. This website offering from Jackson Laboratory, located in Bar Harbor, Maine, allows visitors to...
Nature: The Mouse Genome

This Web site from the journal Nature offers a one-stop online resource for information on the mouse genome -- "the experimental key to the human genome." Visitors have free access to all content from the journal's special mouse genome issue. Web features include an interactive timeline detailing the history of the mouse in genetics, related news articles and commentary, Web links, and more....

NINDS GENSAT BAC Transgenic Project

This website from Rockefeller University in New York contains "a gene expression atlas of the central nervous system of the mouse based on bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs)." GENSAT, or the Gene Expression Nervous System Atlas, contains brain slice images of BAC transgenic mice at the embryonic, postnatal (7 days old), and adult stages, stained to show areas of gene activity. The website...
Study Reveals Patterns of Gene Activity in the Mouse Nervous System

This website contains a press release detailing the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) study that produced the data for GENSAT -- a project that "may lead to new ways of preventing or treating disorders such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, psychiatric disorders, and drug addiction."
The Jackson Laboratory: Mouse Genome Informatics - Mammalian Orthology and Comparative Maps

Created by the Jackson Laboratory as part of Mouse Genome Informatics, this website features Mammalian Orthology and Comparative Maps. At this site, searches can be made in the area of Mammalian Orthology by species, gene symbol, name, or map position. Site visitors can also build comparative maps, retrieve an Oxford Grid to display a two-species orthology comparison, and view orthologies between...