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Butterfly watching


Butterfly Gardening

Traditional gardening is a great source of pleasure for many, and those who have enjoyed this pastime may want to consider butterfly gardening. Creating a butterfly garden is an effective way to see more butterflies and to contribute towards the conservation of these brilliant creatures. This website provides a host of original material and websites dealing with the creation and maintenance of...
Missouri Botanical Garden-The Butterfly House & Education Center: The Butterfly School

Created by the Missouri Botanical Garden's Butterfly House & Education Center as a companion site for visiting school groups, this website has great resources to offer both teachers and students. For students, the site offers Species Identification Pages, information on making a butterfly house, a description of metamorphosis, a gallery of beautiful photos, and more. For teachers, the site...
Monarch Watch (Last reviewed in the September 17, 1997 edition of the Scout Report)

Monarch Watch is a research program based at the University of Kansas and its goal is to encourage citizen scientists of all ages to help in Monarch conservation efforts. Visitors interested in participating in the conservation efforts will not only find tagging activities, in which more than 100,000 children and adults participate every fall, but also projects that teach about providing food and...
Monarch Watch: Dedicated to Education, Conservation and Research

Monarch Watch contains information on monarch butterfly natural history and research, with an emphasis on opportunities for amateur and professional involvement in monarch monitoring and conservation. This site adds an important new avenue for collaboration between professional and amateur entomologists in the growing field of insect conservation.
The Butterfly

Are you interested in rearing butterflies with your kids or releasing live butterflies at your wedding? You can find out about these possibilities and many more at the Butterfly Site, a resource website-created by entomologist Randi Jones that is full of all kinds of annotated butterfly links. The Butterfly Site offers links to web resources in areas like Biology, Rearing, Conservation, Pictures,...