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Asteroids -- Photographs from space



Asteroids have been of continued interest and research among scientists and the general public. This issue's Topic in Depth explores some of the Internet's offerings on the subject. From Spaceflight Now, the first site (1) is an April 7, 2002 article that describes new research, showing that "there are between 1.1 million and 1.9 million 'space rocks' larger than 1 kilometre in diameter in the...
Astronomers Track Down Asteroids in Hubble Archive

This site provides information related to the recently discovered asteroid 1997XF11. The Space Science Telescope Institute site has begun to document how astronomers are using photos from the Hubble Space Telescope to find asteroids; over 100 small asteroids have so far been found, of which captioned examples of four (in various formats) are now available.
Mathilde Encounter: Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous

In one of the most successful flybys of all time, the NEAR spacecraft passed within 1200 km of asteroid 253 Mathilde on June 27. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory has created a website to document this event. The site contains information on the NEAR mission objectives, science goals, and Mathilde itself. It also features images of the asteroid, a flyby simulation, and an MPEG...