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Piracy (Copyright)


View Resource Copy Protection

With the recent shut down of the peer-to-peer file sharing utility Audiogalaxy, copy protection of all kinds of data is a very hot topic. Distribution of music, movies, and software is running rampant, and many believe the solution lies in better copy protection. To learn the basics of copy protection, visit Link Data Security (1). This company specializes in secure products that reduce piracy,...
View Resource Federal Communications Commission: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

In this report regarding the transition to digital television released August 9, 2002, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) addresses the need for copy protection of digital broadcasts. In particular, the main topic is the development of a broadcast flag that will "mark digital broadcast programming so as to limit its improper use." The implications of the broadcast flag are discussed in...
View Resource Surfer Beware: Personal Privacy and the Internet

In conjunction with the US Federal Trade Commission's Public Workshop on Consumer Information Privacy held June 10-13, 1997, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has released this short report, based on its review of "100 of the most frequently visited web sites on the Internet." The report discusses the collection of personal information, privacy policies, and browser cookie use at...