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Broadband Forum

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), one of the key technologies in the transition to broadband telecommunications, is used to transmit "data, video and voice at ultra high speeds." This home page for the ATM Forum is a good place to learn about the technology and its many applications. For people unfamiliar with ATM, the Beginner's Guide to ATM explains some of the basic principles involved in...
Global Communications Network 2.9.1

More and more individuals are turning to the Internet to communicate with colleagues, friends, and relatives and there are a number of helpful programs currently available for general use. This edition of the Global Communications Network application allows visitors to engage in video and voice chat and administer their own chat rooms, all within a secure format. This version is compatible with...
InterOperability Laboratory

The InterOperability Laboratory (IOL) at the University of New Hampshire tests networking and data communications products for companies around the country and the world. The idea is simple: companies need affordable, independent, confidential testing of their technologies and students need technologies to play with. Everyone benefits. Start with the introductory video, produced by students in the... Networking Defined and Hyperlinked

Linktionary is an online dictionary of Internet technologies, networking hardware and protocols, and general Web terminology that "includes extensive links to help you further your network research and training." Users can perform keyword searches of Linktionary or browse the material via alphabetical indexes or topic listings. Most of the entries in Linktionary are explained in detail, and...
OstroSoft Internet Tools 4

You're trying to browse through your favorite site, but the pages are loading at a snail's pace. Has the site caught the fancy of the world at large and been overwhelmed with users? Is your ISP trying to pinch pennies and sign up more customers than their network can support? Or is the problem somewhere else? With Traceroute, one of the utilities in OstroSoft's Internet Tools 4 package, you'll...