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The Booknotes Web site is dedicated to providing information about the long-running Booknotes television show, and as such, will be of great interest to those with a passion for reading nonfiction. On the site, users can sign up to talk about the books featured on the show, as well as creating a personal video collection of their favorite Booknotes moments. The main highlight of the site is the...

BookWire, "the first place to look for book information on the world wide web," offers many literary and publishing sites, including the Hungry Mind Review and the Boston Book Review, as well as links to publishers, authors, and booksellers.
PLOS One: Quantity and/or Quality? The Importance of Publishing Many Papers

Researchers in a variety of academic fields often debate the relative merits and drawbacks of pursuing frequent publications. This paper, authored by Ulf Sandstrom of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and Peter van den Besselaar of the Network Institute & Institute for Social Resilience in the Netherlands, explores this debate by comparing the number of publications and the number of...
Postmodern Culture

Somehow it is not surprising that a journal titled Postmodern Culture would find a home on the Internet, which itself is a bricoleur of many different forms and styles, akin to the very notion of postmodernism. Located online since 1990, Postmodern Culture "has become the leading electronic journal of interdisciplinary thought on contemporary cultures." The journal itself is published by The Johns...
Retraction Watch

Launched in 2010 by science writers Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus, Retraction Watch seeks to make public the "self-correcting" nature of science. The site has been praised for bringing to light many hundreds of retracted papers in a wide variety of fields, some due to fraud, others just to mistakes in experiments or the publishing process. A great place to start is with the latest retractions,...

SciRev is a resource for academic researchers of all disciplines that allows researchers to share their experiences of submitting articles to peer-reviewed journals. This online platform is headed by Jeroen Smits, an economics professor at Radboud University in the Netherlands and Janine Huisman, an economist at the Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen. On SciRev, researchers may...
The Impact of Electronic Journals on Scholarly Communication: A Citation Analysis

"The Impact of Electronic Journals on Scholarly Communication: A Citation Analysis," a refereed article by Stephen P. Harter of the University of Indiana, appeared in the Public-Access Computer Systems Review, (Vol. 7, No. 5), and is available. It "reports hard empirical data on the impact of the first wave of e-journals on the scholarly communities they serve. It assesses the extent to which...