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Microscopy -- United States -- Pictorial works


Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy Inc. Stock Photography and Education Web Site

Ever wanted to look a fruit fly in the eye or get a detailed view of a mosquito's piercing blades? Dr. Dennis Kunkel (formerly of the Pacific Biomedical Research Center at the University of Hawaii) provides a collection of digitally colorized photomicrographic images of insects, plants, cells, and bacteria taken with a scanning electron microscope, a transmission electron micrograph, or a light...
Microscope Imaging Station

The Exploratorium in San Francisco continue to break new and intriguing ground with their latest online project, the Microscope Imaging Station. The actual physical Station resides at their museum, and was opened in 2004. Developed to complement this interactive exhibit, this online manifestation of the Station allows visitors to peer into the cells of living organisms such as sea urchins and...
Science and Photography Through the Microscopy

Over the past thirty years, Dennis Kunkel has worked in the field of microscopy, and along the way, he has developed a number of exhibits, publications, and other such materials on the subject. For those looking for such material online, this site provides both a fine image bank for general use and general information about the art and science of this interesting field of scientific endeavor. The...