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Fossil Fuels

The Department of Energy Web site Fossil Fuels is billed as an energy education site mainly for older kids, but can be enjoyed by adult kids as well. The site gives an introduction to energy, and then a more detailed look at the acquisition and uses of coal, oil, and gas. The good descriptions, illustrations, and animations, along with the frequent questions page and glossary of related terms,...
Glossary of Energy Terms

The California Energy Commission's Web site contains a great resource entitled the Glossary of Energy Terms. If you're interested in energy topics or happen to come across an unfamiliar term, this tool will be of great use. Simply choose the letter of the term and hope that it's included -- for example, DAYLIGHTING, which is defined as "The use of sunlight to supplement or replace electric...
National Academies: The Hydrogen Economy

This news release from the National Academies reviews findings on the challenges and opportunities for a Hydrogen Economy. According to the report, "A transition to hydrogen as a major fuel in the next 50 years could significantly change the U.S. energy economy, reducing air emissions and expanding domestic energy resources, but technical, economic, and infrastructure barriers need to be...
Power Grid Issues

Tampa Electric (1) offers animated illustrations that show how electricity is created and distributed. The first lets the user see the main components of a power plant, while the second outlines what is involved in transmission from the power plant to the destination. A less flashy but more detailed description of the electricity generation process is provided by the Energy Information...
Powering the Future: Energy Resources in Science Fiction and Fantasy

In September 2019, the open-access peer-reviewed journal Open Library of Humanities published this special collection of academic articles discussing the depiction of energy resources in various works of science fiction and fantasy. The collection features seven scholarly essays exploring a range of futuristic fictional worlds where energy concerns loom large, "demonstrat[ing] that novel and...