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A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

Philosophy is at times considered inaccessible to many individuals, and some people have a distinct aversion to the entire subject. Garth Kemerling, who holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Iowa, has done a fine job of offering a remedy to this problem by creating this online dictionary of philosophical terms and names. While Mr. Kemerling makes it clear that not every single...
Ask Philosophers

From time to time, all of us have wondered to ourselves any number of philosophical questions, ranging from "What is love?" to "How can we know what is true?" These are both very compelling questions, and most people probably would like to know a bit more about each one of these queries. Fortunately, the year 2005 saw the launch of this website, whose dictum is "You Ask. Philosophers answer."...
Hi-Phi Nation

Hi-Phi Nation is a podcast that describes itself as, "a show about philosophy that turns ideas into stories." The podcast is hosted by Barry Lam, a philosophy professor at Vassar College. Launched in January 2017, this podcast is now in its second season, with 13 episodes available as of this write-up. In each 30-60 minute episode, Lam explores a different philosophical question or idea, often...
Philosophers' Imprint

A number of disciplines in the humanities have embarked on ambitious and lively forays into the world of online publishing, and philosophy is no exception to this trend. One rather noteworthy online journal is Philosophers' Imprint, which was started in 2001. The journal is actually a refereed series of original papers edited by the philosophy faculty at the University of Michigan, and published...
Philosophy Since the Enlightenment

Clearly written and coherently presented, Philosophy Since the Enlightenment offers an accessible overview of the last 350 years of Western philosophy. Roger Jones, a philosophy instructor at the Working Men's College in London, originally developed this Website as a study guide for "adult students learning about philosophy for the first time." Philosophy Since the Enlightenment contains sections...
William James

Raised in a highly educated household (his father was a Swedenborgian theologian), William James is rightly considered one of the most important American philosophers of the 19th century. James began his studies in art and geology as a young man before he received a medical degree from Harvard, where he later taught for thirty-five years. Today he is best known for his elaborations on pragmatism,...