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Migration, Internal -- United States

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American Migration

40 million Americans move from one home to another every year. In November 2011, Jon Bruner of Forbes created this remarkable set of maps documenting where people are moving to and from using recent statistical data sets from the Internal Revenue Service. Visitors can get started by clicking on any county in the United States to see where people are moving based on this data. Visitors can also...
Migration and Geographic Mobility in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan America: 1995 to 2000

This special 8-page report from the US Census takes a look at migration and geographic mobility across the metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas of the United States. Released in August 2003, and authored by Jason P. Schachter, Rachel S. Franklin, and Marc J. Perry, the report examines 5-year mobility data from Census 2000, and specifically those persons over the age of 5. For those unfamiliar...
The New Great Migration: Black Americans' Return to the South, 1965-2000

The Great Migration of African-Americans northwards throughout most of the 20th century to major urban centers was one of the most well-documented internal migrations in United States history. Seeking a better life, millions of African-Americans made their way north in an attempt to escape the oppressive legal restrictions and rural poverty that were mainstays of their everyday existence. However,...