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Animal Tails

Call it tail envy. With only a vestigial nub to show for ourselves, perhaps it's no wonder that animal tails capture our attention. The following Web sites present some of the more interesting tails to be found in the animal kingdom. The first Web site contains a recent article from Discovery News describing new findings that at least one species of scorpion produces two distinct types of tail...
National Geographic: Crittercam

What would it be like to be a harbor seal? Wouldn't it be fascinating to go on the prowl with lions? With assistance from the National Science Foundation and the National Geographic, Crittercam makes it possible, both on television and on this fine website. The Crittercam device (which fits safely and securely on animals) was initially conceived by Greg Marshall, who got the idea after observing a... Bill's Wildlife Sites

Veteran wildlife ecologist Bill Standley maintains this impressive online directory of websites for fellow wildlife ecologists. The directory is well organized and contains a multitude of Internet resources. The websites are organized by subject and institutional categories. Subject categories include: Mammals, Birds, Herps, Fisheries, and Endangered Species. Institutional categories include:...