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View Resource gab: _Phosphorus uptake and growth kinetics in plankton desmid species from trophically different lakes_

This website contains Dr. Elly Spijkerman's PhD thesis, titled _Phosphorus Uptake and Growth Kinetics in Plankton Desmid Species from Trophically Different Lakes_, which she completed in 1998 while in the Department of Aquatic Ecology at the University of Amsterdam. The six main thesis chapters have appeared in publications such as the European Journal of Phycology, Journal of Plankton Research,...
View Resource The Oceanic Microbial Observatory

The Oceanic Microbial Observatory is a project run jointly by Dr. Craig Carlson of the University of California-Santa Barbara, and Dr. Stephen Giovannoni of Oregon State University. Centered on the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study site, the "goal of this microbial observatory project is to understand the cell biology and biogeochemical activities of the major bacterioplankton groups-SAR11,...