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Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section

In 1202, the mathematician Fibonacci investigated the problem of how fast rabbits could breed under ideal circumstances. This problem and many more are detailed at the Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section Website, made available by Dr. Ron Knott of the University of Surrey (UK). A new addition to the site is a link to a reference page of over 100 formulas and equations demonstrating the...

Are you a numberphile? Maybe you are and you don't know it yet. If you have any interest in topology, geometry, algebra, or other facets of math, this website may be right up your alley. Created by Brady Haran, the site contains hundreds of entertaining videos, including titles like "Unboxing Calculators," "Politics and Numbers," and the very engaging "Pi and the Size of the Universe." Visitors...
Prime Case of Chaos

The American Mathematical Society has made available online the article, "Prime Case of Chaos." The article discusses "conjectural links between the Riemann zeta function and chaotic quantum-mechanical systems." Additional full-text articles and tables of contents from each of the four volumes of What's Happening in the Mathematical Sciences are also available.
Robert B. Ash -- Online Algebra Textbooks

Robert Ash, a mathematics professor from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, offers two graduate level textbooks on his homepage. The first is an introduction to abstract algebra. Roughly 400 pages in length, the book is divided into individual chapters so readers can download only what interests them. The second book, which was released in 2003, covers algebraic number theory. While...
The Prime Pages

This excellent metasite for prime numbers is mind-boggling, not only in terms of the quality of information provided, but also in the breadth and variety of the hyperlinks, from discourse on the Riemann hypothesis to programs and freeware for calculating Mersenne primes. Dr. Chris Caldwell, creator of the Graph Theory Tutorial Website (discussed in the April 28, 1999 Scout Report for Science and...
YouTube: Numberphile

This YouTube channel, courtesy of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and the Simons Foundation Science Sandbox, describes its offerings as "videos about numbers - it's that simple." These videos come from Brady Haran, who also produced the popular Periodic Table of Videos series (see the 03-27-2009 Scout Report). Each episode of Numberphile varies in length, between just over a minute to...