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Butterflies of North America

For those with a budding interest in lepidoptery (the study of butterflies), this fine online resource presented by the USGS's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center will be worth checking out. Currently, the site covers the butterfly species and populations throughout the United States and northern Mexico, with a section on Canada planned for the future. By utilizing the interactive map,...
Butterfly Gardening

Traditional gardening is a great source of pleasure for many, and those who have enjoyed this pastime may want to consider butterfly gardening. Creating a butterfly garden is an effective way to see more butterflies and to contribute towards the conservation of these brilliant creatures. This website provides a host of original material and websites dealing with the creation and maintenance of...
Children's Butterfly Site

Maintained by the US Geological Survey (USGS), this modest site is a nice starting point for younger users interested in butterflies. All users, however, will enjoy the butterfly photo gallery, which offers pictures of common butterflies from around the world, organized by continent. The section currently contains thumbnail images of butterflies from Western Europe and Britain and North America,...
Garden Butterflies Count

UK-based Butterfly Conservation presents the preliminary results of the Garden Butterfly Count (GBC), which enlisted the help of private residents to survey backyard butterflies and moths. Over 11,000 completed survey forms were returned to Butterfly Conservation at the end of the 2002 season, and the Web site provides a brief look at early results and analysis. The information is presented for a...

For those with hearts that flutter with the sight of a monarch, this site will be essential. The simply-stated, yet ambitious, mission of is "to educate everyone in the United States and beyond about habitat loss and what they can do to assist native animals." A significant goal of the site is to distribute free milkweed seeds to anyone interested in helping the cause of helping...
Missouri Botanical Garden-The Butterfly House & Education Center: The Butterfly School

Created by the Missouri Botanical Garden's Butterfly House & Education Center as a companion site for visiting school groups, this website has great resources to offer both teachers and students. For students, the site offers Species Identification Pages, information on making a butterfly house, a description of metamorphosis, a gallery of beautiful photos, and more. For teachers, the site...
Passport to Knowledge: To Mars with MER

This Passport to Knowledge website presents fun, educational materials on NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) mission. Users can find information on Mars, the MER mission, and the research team. The website features many hands-on activities designed for the home or school including Rocket Science 101 and Solar System Distance Activity. Students can find interactive puzzles, concentration games,...
The Butterfly

Are you interested in rearing butterflies with your kids or releasing live butterflies at your wedding? You can find out about these possibilities and many more at the Butterfly Site, a resource website-created by entomologist Randi Jones that is full of all kinds of annotated butterfly links. The Butterfly Site offers links to web resources in areas like Biology, Rearing, Conservation, Pictures,...
The Natural History Museum in London: Butterflies and Moths of the World

An excellent resource for entomologists, this Butterflies and Moths of the World website was created by Brian Pitkin and Paul Jenkins of the Natural History Museum in London (NHM). The site was designed "to compile a comprehensive interactive catalogue of all the published genus-group names of Lepidoptera from Linnaeus, 1758, up to the present, and to provide full-colour images of representatives...
The Natural History Museum of London-The Cockayne database-British & Irish Butterflies and Moths part 1: Butterflies

Named after Dr. E A Cockayne, The Cockayne database website was developed collaboratively by the Natural History Museum in London and Dr. Cockayne's Trust. The central aim of the website is "to provide free access to a comprehensive atlas of British butterflies and moths, illustrating all native and introduced species and their variation." This site represents the first phase of the Cockayne...