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Spatial History Project

The Spatial History Project at Stanford University is one of the sweeping, brilliant, amorphous ideas that so exhilarate and perplex interested bystanders. Projects at the institute encompass a dizzying array of topics, from Chinese Railroad Workers to Nineteenth Century Crowdsourcing to a Spatial History and Geology of Desert Ant Colonies. What holds the reader's interest is the sheer energy and...
The Cultural Landscape Foundation

What is a cultural landscape? This website answers that question, and gives hundreds of wonderful examples for visitors to consider. The link "What are Cultural Landscapes?" explains to visitors that there are four types of cultural landscapes, and they also offer a brief definition of each one. They include "designed" which is intentionally laid according to design principles; "vernacular",...
The World Fact Book

New from the US Central Intelligence Agency comes The World Fact Book. This annual publication contains a wide range of information on every recognized country in the world. Once chosen, visitors can view a map of the country and its flag, as well as read facts on its geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues including international...