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Mummies -- Egypt


Fascinating Egyptian Mummies

Turn up those speakers, and listen to the sounds of eerie, blowing winds in the desert and some woeful Egyptian music. This website starts off by using a multimedia approach to lure visitors into the Mus'e de la civilisation's Fascinating Egyptian Mummies online and museum exhibit. The music follows visitors once they choose the link "Head Into The Tomb". A bouncing yellow arrow all but insists...
The Secrets of Tomb10A: Egypt 2000 BC

Who needs Brendan Fraser and CGI effects to see Egyptian tombs and mummies? Instead, let the Museum of Fine Arts Boston take you on a tour of Tomb10A in Deir-el-Bersha, the final resting place of Djehutynakht, a provincial governor in Middle Kingdom Egypt, the period from 2010 - 1961 B.C. In 1915, archaeologists associated with the Museum spent a summer excavating the tomb and discovered possibly...