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America at a Crossroads

Since the events of September 11, 2001, Americans have done a great deal of soul-searching about what the future role the United States will play in international affairs. In many ways, any response to such an inquiry will contain many different layers and ideas. In April 2007, PBS began their investigations into this complex area by showing the first episode of "America at a Crossroads". Through...
Introduction to Islam

Provided by the Middle East Institute George Camp Keiser Library, this online version of M. Cherif Bassiouni's book offers an interesting and useful introduction to the history and culture of Islam for non-Muslim readers. The book is well-organized and attractive, offering numerous photos, maps, and charts. In addition to providing a historical and cultural context of Islam, the book covers basic...
Islam and Islamic Studies Resources

This site from Dr. Alan Godlas, professor of religion at the University of Georgia, gives scholarly resources on Islam and related subjects. Perhaps not surprisingly, the page opens with a short list of pieces related to terrorism, including Yusuf Islam's (nee Cat Stevens) "Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam" and statements from scholars of Islam speaking out against terrorism. The main body...
Islamic Networks Group

Founded in 1993, the Islamic Networks Group (ING) is an organization dedicated to building peace and fostering an understanding of Muslims, Islam, and other marginalized and misunderstood groups, "to promote harmony among all people." This national network of speakers and educators works to promote diversity and cultural awareness through presentations, workshops, panels, social media campaigns,...
Muslims Around the World Celebrate Eid al-Fitr

Beginning this Tuesday, Muslims throughout the world celebrated Eid al-Fitr, which marks the conclusion of Ramadan. For Muslims, Ramadan is an important holy month, marked by fasting and other important practices and commemorations. Because the start of Islamic holidays depends on when the new moon is sighted, there is sometimes some debate about when exactly Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr begin. In...
Struggling with Tragedy

Here in the United States, one news story or set of stories subsumed all others this week. As clean up and rescue crews continue today to deal with the aftermath of the plane crashes in New York and Washington DC, many in the nation take time to reflect on this "day of prayer and remembrance." The Scout Report offers these sites in the hopes that they might prove helpful to our readers, as we all...