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Accessing the Internet by E-mail FAQ

Gerald Boyd has spent much time learning the internal syntax of web search engines. He has made the fruits of his labor available at an ftp site. Interested Internauts can download FAQs on how to query fifteen generic and eight specialty search engines by email. Included are Alta Vista, Excite, Inktomi, Yahoo, Infoseek, OKRA, Open Text, SwitchBoard, TheList, and others. Also included is a FAQ...
E-Mail Overload In Congress: Managing a Communications Crisis

The first in a series of Online Issue Briefs presented to congressional offices by the Congress Online Project, this report examines the email overload in Congress. The email flow to the House of Representatives, for instance, more than doubled between 1998 and 2000 and continues to increase by an average of one million messages per month. The report strongly recommends that Congressional offices...
Finding a Person in a Haystack: A Selective Guide to Finding an Email Address

In this article InterNIC Net Scout Services Special Librarian Jack Solock discusses the many ways to locate a person's email address using online resources. Solock also demonstrates how to acquire information on a person's email account and server if one already has their email address.
Finding an e-mail address

Finding an e-mail address: A site devoted to walking people through the sometimes difficult process of finding e-mail addresses, with connections to Finger, Whois, Knowbot, Netfind and X. 500 databases. An in-depth hypertext FAQ on how to find addresses is available. Resources includes a list of country codes with e-mail access, lists of college and university home pages (alphabetical and...

Hush Communications recently unveiled HushMail, the Web's first free email client with 1,024-bit encryption. This email service uses a Java applet to encrypt and decrypt messages sent between users with HushMail accounts. The developers of HushMail call this process a "public key cryptosystem with roaming user capability." HushMail offers the ease of use of Web-based email while providing the...
Internetwork Mail Guide

The Internetwork Mail Guide, recently updated, documents methods of sending mail from one network to another. It represents the aggregate knowledge of the readers of comp.mail.misc and many contributors from other sources. The Guide explains e-mail sending conventions between different combinations of many different networks. It is provided by Scott Yanoff. Also available is a forms-based service...

Mailpile provides a "secure way to read, write, and organize piles and piles of email." The service is free and easily downloadable to any computer. Searching is quick and easy; the platform is designed to be fast, even on slow computers. All of your mail is encrypted on your computer so you control your information. The encryption is built in, rather than an afterthought like some other email...
POP Peeper 2.0

Supported by all Windows operating systems, POP Peeper 2.0 is a small utility that resides in your Windows task bar and informs users when they have new email from any of their POP3, MSN, Yahoo, or Hotmail accounts. Additionally, the POP Peeper supports HTML email. Finally, the utility allows users to be notified of new email from any of these accounts with a visual or audial reminder. The POP...
Spamhaus Project

The Spamhaus Project is a non-profit organization in Britain that works "to protect the internet networks worldwide." The project tracks the Internet's Spammers, Spam Gangs and Spam Services and "provides dependable realtime anti-spam protection for Internet networks, and works with Law Enforcement to identify and pursue spammers worldwide." The website also includes a definition of spam and news...
SwitchEmail: Free Email Forwarding

For users afraid of changing email addresses for fear of not receiving messages sent to their old address, fret no longer. SwitchEmail is a free email forwarding service that can forward electronic messages to and from any ISP. Users do not have to keep old email accounts active or open, reveal their password, or have an email address with SwitchEmail. The service offers users the freedom to...
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