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BioNews is an online British magazine that covers genetics, assisted conception, and stem cell research. Founded in 1999 with a grant from the Baroness Mary Warnock, the site offers a mix of news and commentary on both scientific advancements and the political, legal, ethical, and social issues that arise with these advancements. Recent articles have unpacked Europe's approval of stem cell...
Google Alerts

Google Alerts provides a simple, efficient way to track the subjects readers love as they appear on the Web. Free to anyone with a Google account, readers may ask Google to alert them about self-selected information, delivered directly to their email. Alert suggestions are grouped around such categories as Companies, Music, Politics, Sports, TV, News Sections, Finance, Movies, Programming,...

MakeUseOf is a Scout favorite as it provides a large amount of relevant tech news in an organized and digestible way. We especially enjoy the Top List, a section of the site dedicated to the best apps, games, and services from across the web. The collection of Ebooks is incredibly helpful for those readers looking to learn more about current online resources like Pinterest and Spotify. In general,...

Launched in 2012, Quartz is a web-based (i.e. "digitally native") news publication with a scrolling stream designed primarily for tablets and mobile phones. Aimed at "business people in the new economy," the writing tends toward the laconic, rarely saying anything in 1,000 words that could be stated equally well in 500. Recent articles have argued against loosening Twitter's 140 character limit,...
YaleNews: Business, Law, Society

YaleNews is not just for Yalies. As one of the world's great educational institutions, the goings-on at Yale provide a glimpse into what's happening around the world across a range of topics. Readers can browse the site by area of interest, including Arts & Humanities, Campus & Community, and World & Environment. In addition, readers may like to scroll through the Headlines section to explore...