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Animate Projects

Based in the United Kingdom, the Animate Projects site is designed to "explore the relationship between art and animation, and the place of animation and its concepts in contemporary art practice." With support from the Arts Council England and Channel 4, they have created this delightful site featuring over 100 films that "explore ideas around animation." On the homepage, visitors can view a...
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.

The intersection between art and science is an area that continues to be worthy of detailed exploration, and several organizations have been created in recent years to do just that. The Art & Science Collaborations group was started by artist Cynthia Pannucci in 1988 when she began to realize that there was a general lack of support for technology-based art across the United States. In the past 16...
DevArt: Art made with code

DevArt, which is hosted by Google, features artwork by artists using "technology as the canvas and code as the raw materials to create innovative, engaging digital art installations." On the site, readers may like to simply select the visual images that most appeal to them. Once an image is selected, a profile appears, which describes the artist, his or her project and process, and often a short...
GPS Drawing

This website on GPS Drawing was created by Jeremy Wood and features his artwork and a few other GPS artists. The drawings posted in the Gallery "are of journeys captured using GPS receivers" and "were created by treating travel like a geodetic pencil or a cartographic crayon." He has created images of animals and objects through travels by foot, boat, bicycle and plane. The project is also meant...
Johns Hopkins University Digital Media Center

Campuses across the country have been developing digital media centers from over a decade now, and the Digital Media Center at Johns Hopkins University has created this website to showcase some of their own work and to serve as an example for other institutions who might be interested in improving their own facilities in this area. Visitors can click on over to the "Learning" section to take a...
Net Art at Furtherfield: Web Art, Political Art, Poetry, Critical Text & Creative Freedom

Founded in 1997 by artists Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow, Furtherfield is "an online platform for the creation, promotion, criticism, and archiving of adventurous digital / net art work for public viewing, experience, and interaction." In particular, Furtherfield focuses on "network related projects that explore new social contexts that transcend the digital, or offer a subjective voice that...
The Arts at MIT

With an undergraduate acceptance rate just shy of eight percent, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most competitive universities in the world. Admitted students, in fact, have a real knack for achieving perfect scores on the math sections of the SAT. So when MIT comes to mind, most people don’t tend to think about experimental theater or origami. Enter this website:...
We Make Money Not Art

The brainchild of writer, critic, and curator Regine Debatty, We Make Money Not Art is an edgy, colorful, impish take on the intersection of art, science, technology, and social issues. Recent articles have profiled the post-anthropocentric art of Maja Smrekar, a gloss of Maarten Vanden Eynde's lecture on the dangers of plastic and the hubris of homo sapiens, and a look at how one artist...