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ANSMET: The Antarctic Search for Meteorites

Directed by Dr. Ralph P. Harvey of Case Western Reserve University, ANSMET is a really cool project that seeks to find and study meteorites in the Antarctic. This great site not only takes the visitor to the Antarctic with Dr. Harvey and his research team but it does a great job of explaining why they go to Antarctica, what it's like living there, collecting meteorites, the journey of simply...
Antarctica as an Educational Resource

"As an educational resource, Antarctica is extremely broad in scope with the potential to contribute to a number of study areas," from the sciences to history, sociology, and politics. Authored by molecular biologist Clive Evans at the University of Auckland, this Web site provides a convenient resource for introducing Antarctica into the classroom and could be adapted for a range of grade levels....
Belgian Scientific Research Programme on the Antarctic

The 1959 Antarctic Treaty set out to achieve "demilitarization, the ban on nuclear tests and on the disposal of radioactive waste material - the respect of which is guaranteed by a system of mutual inspection - and the promotion of international scientific cooperation. The approval in 1991 of the 'Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty' (Madrid Protocol), turned the area into...
British Antarctic Survey

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) created this website to display its role in the scientific research, surveys, and long term observations of the past and present environments of Antarctica and the surrounding regions. After discovering the mission and organization of BAS, visitors can learn about BAS's interests in Antarctic ice and rising sea levels, climate change, the ozone hole, and the...
Cool Antarctica

Paul Ward, the designer of this site, spent over two years in Antarctica as a marine biologist with the British Antarctic Survey. Currently a teacher at a community college in Britain, Ward decided to develop this site to provide information about Antarctica's history, wildlife, and the various explorers who have traveled across the continent. The section featuring Ward's photographs is quite...
European Commission-MICROMAT: Biodiversity of Microbial Mats in Antarctica

MICROMAT, supported by the European Commission, "is an academic industrial partnership which aims to improve knowledge of the biodiversity of bacteria, protists, and fungi in Antarctic microbial mats and to test this biodiversity for novel compounds of potential biotechnological use." This MICROMAT website provides links to a summary of the project with listed objectives, relevant Publications,...
IceCube Neutrino Observatory

A neutrino, for those of us who might not immerse ourselves regularly in the world of very small things, is a nearly massless sub-atomic particle that travels at just about the speed of light. Born in the cauldron of exploding stars, they can move through lead like you and I move through air. Hence, their nickname: "ghost particles." IceCube, a particle detector planted in the barren wilds of the...
International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2008

The International Polar Year (IPY) 2007 - 2008 "will be an intense, internationally coordinated campaign of research that will initiate a new era in polar science" by educating and involving the public and assisting in the training of engineers, scientists, and leaders. While IPY is still in its planning stage, this website offers an introduction to IPY, the latest news, and information on its...
NSF Press Release: Scientists Discover Undersea Volcano Off Antarctica

The National Science Foundation describes the finding by the international science team of an active and formerly unknown volcano on the bottom of the sea off the Antarctica Peninsula. Users can discover how the scientists determined that the volcano has been recently active. The site features images and drawings of the equipment. Visitors can learn how they can obtain copies of the video footage...
Operation Deep Storm: New Zealand Antarctic Veterans Association

This website is a way for New Zealand veterans to get recognition for their service in the Antarctic. Visitors won't want to miss the website's "Image Library" of photos categorized by decade, ships, wildlife, and a miscellaneous heading. The "Seals" subcategory under wildlife shows two adorable pictures of a Weddell seal pup, along with several pictures of different types of penguins, under the...
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