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RSS feeds -- Software


Active Web Reader 2.46

RSS feeds are a common feature of more and more websites, and it can be a chore at times to keep up to date with all of them. With Active Web Reader 2.46, users can download the application and use their auto discovery feature to find new RSS feeds while browsing new websites. Additionally, users can use an instant email feature to send articles of note to friends and others. This version is...

Feed43 is an online service to generate RSS feeds for websites that do not already provide them. With this in place, users can be notified of new content on these sites using standard news aggregators (like feedly, newsblur, etc). Users need not create an account on the Feed43 site in order to begin creating feeds. To create a feed, users must specify a URL to check and a series of patterns that...

With RSS feeds busting out all over, it can be hard to keep track of one's favorites. Feed Demon can help ease such potential information woes by offering a newsreader that is both simple enough for neophytes and customizable enough for those who can't get enough Boing Boing or style updates from the New York Times. This version of FeedDemon is compatible with computers running Windows 95 and...
Liferea 1.7

Many operating systems have news aggregators, but persons who use Linux may find fewer options. Fortunately there is Liferea, which stands for "Linux Feed Reader". The program gives users the ability to bring together their various news sources and updates into one convenient location. The Liferea website also contains an FAQ area and several screenshots. This version is compatible with all...
MyTunes RSS

As more and more music listening and storage applications continue to tout their competitive advantages, users are drawn closer to some of them than others. iTunes is a popular choice for some, and this latest application will allow persons using that program to access their iTunes library from any computer connected through a network. Visitors can create RSS feeds in their browser, and of course,...

Keeping tabs on the news (or anything else) online can be a bit overwhelming, so it's nice to know that NetNewsWire can help out. While this RSS reader can perform the usual tasks of fetching and displaying news from thousands of different websites and weblogs, it also includes a weblog editor that allows users to post to a host of different popular blogging sites. The program also features an...

QuiteRSS is a cross-platform RSS and Atom feed reader that is designed to be lightweight and "comfortable" for the user. It uses the WebKit HTML renderer, the same one used by Apple's Safari, so sites render the same way that they would in a full browser. QuiteRSS also includes a built-in ad filter and flash blocker to reduce online annoyances. Users can filter new, unread, starred, or deleted...
ReadAir 0.3.1

There are a number of RSS feed readers out there, and this may be one of the best. This version of ReadAir allows users to access all of their feeds simply, and they can also search all of them by keyword and look around for shared stories. While ReadAir doesn't have the trend analysis feature that some users have come to expect from Google Reader, it's still a very valuable tool. This version is...
ReadAir 1.1.1

Read Air brings together Google Reader and the Adobe AIR platform in one easy package. It's a newsreader that is meant to work most efficiently with Mac OS X, and users can access all of their feeds simply, share stories, and also add or remove feeds and tags. This version is compatible with computers running all versions of Mac OS X.

A number of RSS feed aggregators might be too cumbersome for some users with basic needs. Fortunately, Sage offers just enough for the more casual user, as it allows users to integrate RSS feeds from other browsers and it integrates quite effectively with Firefox's bookmark storage. This version is compatible with computers running Windows 95 and newer in conjunction with Firefox 1.0 and 2.0.0.
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