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Internet telephony -- Software



Discord is an internet voice conference system originally designed for video game enthusiasts. It strives for low resource usage so that it can run in parallel with other software. Discord uses the Opus audio format, an open standard designed for low latency and efficient for encoding speech. This lower latency can make conversations more natural and help avoid multiple speakers talking over each...

International long-distance phone bills can be rather costly, and Scout Report readers who haven't given the Skype application a try may wish to do so now. This latest version allows users to conduct conference calls with as many as nine people and it also includes a browser plug-in that turns phone numbers on web pages into links that Skype can automatically dial. This version of Skype is...

For people looking to bring together their various forms of online communications in one place, the VoxOx application may be a useful tool. The VoxOx application can be used to chat with colleagues and friends around the world, link up email accounts, and also make mobile-to-mobile calls. Visitors can also use the program to share files up to 100MB and also use create specialized phone lists and...
VoxOx 1.0

VoxOx 1.0 is an application that will help those parties who might be vexed or confounded by the world of communication or social networking software. With this application, users can easily participate in just about any form of communication (including telephony) separately or in a linked up fashion. VoxOx offers webmail integration, social networking support, mobile-to-mobile calls, and a...