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Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Economic aspects (2)
Political aspects (2)
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As people remember Hurricane Katrina, mental health issues remain a concern

The Human Cry in New Orleans Our Views: Mental Health issue of storms NPR: Mental Issues Surge, Suicide Rates Flat Post-Katrina [RealPlayer] Mental illness and suicidality after Hurricane Katrina...
College students return to New Orleans for new start

Displaced Students Return to Louisiana for 2nd Try Dillard U. Students Start School in Style UNO contacting students for enrolment No words to describe New...
Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Katrina

Over the past few months, a number of government agencies have worked diligently to assist those affected by Hurricane Katrina, often working in tandem with other units of government throughout the region. One agency that is working to assess the marine environmental impacts of Katrina is the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The site is fairly simple to navigate, as it...
Four years after Hurricane Katrina, current and former residents of New Orleans and the Gulf coast think about the future

Iconic Hotel Provides Hope for New Orleans [Real Player] Study Probes Racial Tension Between Hurricane Katrina Evacuees and Houston Community New post-Katrina construction shows that a sustainable industry may have come out of the...
Katrina Index: Tracking Variables of Post-Katrina Reconstruction

The Brookings Institution has released a number of reports on the efforts to rebuild the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina over the past few months, and a number of them have garnered significant attention by policymakers and other interested parties. This 47-page report authored by Bruce Katz, Matt Fellowes, and Mia Mabanta, gives a detailed data-oriented summary of the recent progress that has...
Nature: Katrina's Animal Rescue

There have been many stories that have come out in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and most of them have dealt with the human tragedies involved in this traumatic set of events. The people at the long-running PBS series, Nature, have created this website to complement a recent edition of the show that offered some insights into the effects the hurricane had on the animal population of...
Officials and aid groups begin to assess damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina

Striking an area west of New Orleans all the way east to Pensacola, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc across the southeastern United States earlier this week. One meteorological aspect that reduced the relative effect of the storm was the fact that a bit of dry air from the Midwest weakened the hurricane before it reached land and pushed the storm slightly to the east. While the damage to the area...
Two years after Katrina, New Orleans continues to struggle with a number of challenges

Two Infusions of Vision to Bolster New Orleans "It ain't easy in the Big Easy" Colorful village rises for New Orleans musicians NPR: Dear New Orleans: I'm Leaving You [Real...