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Michigan -- History -- Pictorial works


Changing Face of the Auto Industry

Changing Face of the Auto Industry, presented by Wayne State University's Digital Collections, provides access to archival materials documenting Michigan's rich history in auto production. Selecting Browse all media brings visitors to a collection of historic photographs documenting the history of iconic companies such as Ford, Cadillac and Hudson. Users may also perform a keyword search from the...
Michigan Historic Sites Online

How does a state tell others about its history? Through a careful preservation of a historic church? Or an old factory? There are a number of ways to do this and the Michigan Historic Sites Online website provides information on over 3,500 historic sites throughout the Wolverine State. First-time visitors can use the Find Historic Sites tab to get started or perform a variety of detailed searches....
Michigan's Copper Country in Photographs

Copper production has gone on around Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula for over 3,000 years. Native Americans first engaged in the practice these many millennia ago, and by the 1840s, there were mineral rushes going on in the area. Many thousands of people came in search of copper, and by 1985, over 14 billion pounds of copper were produced from the region. This remarkable digital collection crafted...
The Making of Modern Michigan

A number of digital collections have been started at the country's universities in order to both provide access to otherwise little-seen materials and to also train staff how to create such increasingly valuable online collections. Under the direction of staff members at Michigan State University, The Making of Modern Michigan brings together important documents dealing with Michigan history. On...
Ward Morgan Photography, Southwest Michigan 1939-1980

Ward Morgan spent decades documenting life in and around Kalamazoo, Michigan. He went into interiors of women's shoe stores, took photos of students in classrooms, and photographed folks gathering for a society meeting. Most of his work took place in the middle decades of the 20th century, and these everyday photos eventually found their way to Western Michigan University. Visitors can browse...