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DivX Version 5.0

Associated previously with Internet video piracy, DivX Networks released DivX Version 5.0 this week in its bid to challenge the supremacy of Internet video formats like Windows Media, RealPlayer, and Apple Quicktime. Self-dubbed the "Mp3 of Video," DivX offers additional functionality from previous versions, including image quality improvement, MPEG-4 compatibility, and faster performance. Three...

For anyone working with teams of people on multimedia projects, provides a way to co-create and co-edit video, photos, audio, documents, and other modalities all in one place. Recently launched, operates on the premise that more and more people are working with more complex media programs but are forced to use different platforms for different parts of the same project. So, for...
New York University: Center for Digital Multimedia

The New York University Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) promotes the development and dissemination of multimedia technologies and applications. As one of fifteen New York State Centers for Advanced Technology, the Center "uses its multimedia technology expertise to augment the efforts of faculty, staff, and researchers working in new media." Through partnerships between NYU faculty, the wider...
Zoom Player 3.2

While there are a number of good multi-purpose media players publicly available, this latest edition of Zoom Player is definitely worth a look. Some of the features include various presets for video playback, variable speeds for playback, multi-language support, and a programmable keyboard interface. The website for the player contains a number of screenshots, and detailed information about all of...