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GEM Subject Classifications
Aging (24)
Body systems and senses (117)
Careers (14)
Chronic conditions (43)
Consumer health (58)
Death and dying (19)
Disease (158)
Environmental health (126)
Family life (86)
History (65)
Human sexuality (7)
Informal education (82)
Instructional issues (103)
Mental/emotional health (57)
Nutrition (90)
Process skills (7)
Safety (20)
Smoking (6)
Substance abuse prevention (6)
Technology (66)


"Once You Enter, You Never Leave": Deinstitutionalization of Persons with Intellectual or Mental Disabilities in Croatia

Resources for people suffering from intellectual or mental disabilities are in short supply throughout most of the world. The Human Rights Watch organization released this 74-page report in September 2010, and it addresses the plight of the thousands of people with such disabilities living in Croatia. The report is based on interviews conducted by the Human Rights Watch in November and December...
48 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena

Have you ever wondered how different optical illusions work? This fun, informative, and very cool website developed by ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Bach of the University of Freiburg's Medical School introduces 48 interactive visual illusions and phenomena. The illusions are animated and accompanied by explanations that help visitors make sense of their perceptual responses. Major illusion...
A Case Study of Memory Loss in Mice

Based at the University of Buffalo, the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science continues to create compelling and extremely useful teaching materials for those in fields such as biology, engineering, genetics, and related areas. This is one of their latest additions, and it was crafted by Michael S. Hudecki of the Biological Sciences Department at the University of Buffalo. The case...
A new breed of racing car runs on vegetable oil and chocolate

Recycling Masterpiece: British Racing Team Creates F3 Car That Runs on Chocolate The Chocolate-Powered Car World First Racing Fuel...
A Portrait of "Generation Next"

Over the past few decades, a number of well-known writers such as Robert Coles, Alex Kotlowitz, and Allan Bloom have weighed in on the lives of young people, often generating meaningful dialogues (and controversy) along the way. This recent 45-page report from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press may spark such conversations as well, for it offers a portrait of the so-called...

The American Association of Retired Persons has been advocating on behalf of adults over the age of 50 for decades, and their website provides a host of important information about their efforts and public outreach programs. From their homepage, visitors can access sections that include “Issues and Elections”, “Health”, and “Learning and Technology”. After taking a look at a few (or all) of these...
AARP Health Tools

The Health Tools portion of the AARP website addresses questions about Medicare, drug interactions, and where to find cheaper medicines. There is even a "Doughnut Hole Calculator" for those visitors with Medicare Part D who are worried about a coverage gap. The "Pill Identifier" tool helps visitors avoid medication mix-ups, by allowing for searches by "imprint", "shape", or "color" of the...
Academic Earth

Academic Earth provides videos of lectures by top scholars in "Subjects" that range from Astronomy to Entrepreneurship to Religion, from "Universities" as celebrated as MIT, Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford. Visitors must register to view the lectures, but registration is free. There are over 1500 video lectures available, with more being added everyday. In addition to viewing the lectures...
Acid Rain Students Site

The EPA developed this colorful website to teach students all about acid rain. First, through clear descriptions and helpful figures users can learn the characteristics of acid rain, its dangers, and how to control it. The website offers an interactive connect-the-dots, word searches, crossword puzzles, and other games. A short movie provides an overview of how the use of coal contributes to acid...
Active Living by Design

Members of the public health community and those from the world of urban planning have teamed up to create the Active Living By Design program, and by extension, this fine website. With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and an academic home at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health, the program was created “to increase physical activity through...
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