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View Resource Engineering and Design: Ice Engineering

As part of the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Ice Engineering Group solves problems stemming from ice and its effects on equipment and operations. This broad area includes ice jams that impede maritime navigation, maintenance issues, and "the destructive forces that moving ice exerts on river or coastal structures." Released on Oct. 30, 2002, the Ice Engineering Manual, given on this site, is...
View Resource Physics: Mechanics Overview

The Batesville High School Physics Department offers a tutorial about mechanics, the study of motion. The materials are divided into two main topics: Kinematics and Dynamics. The website offers a review of the concepts and discussions of the applications, packed with many animations to help individuals grasp the difficult concepts. Students can find numerous practice quizzes dealing with physics...
View Resource Simple Machines

This series of three interactive, multimedia activities introduce and demonstrate the properties of six simple machines. Specifically, the lessons show how levers, pulleys, inclined planes, screws, wheels and axles, and wedges can reduce the amount of work done by humans. After learning about the characteristics of each classification, users can try to find the simple machines that make up a lawn...