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Seventeen fun, Web-based educational games are on's Numbers site. The games cover basic arithmetic, fractions, graphs, algebra, and many other topics. Math Baseball is the most popular game on the site, which awards singles, doubles, or triples depending on the difficulty of the question. All of the games have varying levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to "Super Brain." There is...

Geocaching is a game for users of Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The idea is that people set up caches all over the world and GPS users enter waypoints into their systems in an attempt to locate the caches. The cache may be filled with rewards that are available to the player once he or she has found the cache. Rewards include books, CDs, maps, etc. After receiving a reward, the player must...
International Journal of Intelligent Games & Simulation

This publication, from the University of Wolverhampton UK and The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS Europe BVBA) offers technical papers relating to games. The August 2004 issue includes articles on multiplayer games, game-based learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). The full articles are available to download once the visitor completes the no-cost registration...

The tagline on the MetMedia website is "see the Museum in new ways." To live up to this claim, the Metropolitan Museum has gathered a variety of media, presented in an easy to navigate tabbed display. There's video - 513 short and long videos, arranged in chronological order. The newest video is of TEDxMET, October 19th, a day-long ticketed program that explored "signature buildings, singular...

The holidays are here so why not treat yourself to some computer-based procrastination? Nevermind is a new, slick-looking game for Mac OS 8-X and Windows 95 and above. With rules the same as the board game Mastermind, Nevermind is kindly created and provided for free by Scandinavian programmer Simon Fransson.
Online Multi-User Environments

Online communities have existed since the inception of the World Wide Web, and before that, in the form of bulletin board systems. New technologies are making them much more advanced than the original text interfaces, creating virtual meeting places where users can congregate in a more personal atmosphere. These developments are popularizing online multi-user environments for business,...
The recent seizure of the assets of online poker sites raises a number of questions

Poker websites' actions were risky, experts say Poker Black Friday: An online poker ponders how he'll make a living Time to legalize, tax online gambling The official rules of card games: Hoyle...