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"Blog" is the top word of the year

This week Merriam-Webster Inc, the company responsible for producing that venerable dictionary announced its top 10 "words of the year" list, with the immensely popular "blog" taking the number one place. The company compiles the list each year by taking the most researched words on its various Web sites, and of course, always omits such consistently favored profanities. Interestingly enough,...
After a bit of controversy, the Associated Press begins a dialogue with bloggers about posting articles and other materials on weblogs

Drudge Retort Highlights 'Fair Use' Uncertainties Here's Our New Policy in A.P. Stories: They're Banned Drudge Retort Media Bloggers Association The Fair Use Network...
Code of conduct proposed for blogs

Bloggers disinclined toward suggestion of Net civility Bloggers code of conduct Blog 100 BuzzMachine Electronic Frontier Foundation: Legal Guide for Bloggers Internet Scout...
Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive (FMA) is a precious gem for readers who thrill to the sound of non-commercial, freely available, multi-genre music. Featured blog posts greet readers on the landing page and often include live and studio recordings that can not only be scouted online, but downloaded for free. For instance, the February 12, 2016 post, "Highlights from the 2016 Zlatne Uste Golden Festival,"...
Global Voices

Many public interest media organizations are concerned about listening to the voices and opinions of those around the world, particularly in the developing world. One such group is the nonprofit global citizens' media project, Global Voices Online, which is sponsored by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School. Its ultimate goal is "to foster better international...

The Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC, pronounced "haystack"), is comprised of nearly 13,000 humanists, artists, social scientists, scientists and technologists working to "transform the future of learning." Online since 2002, the HASTAC website provides a variety of methods for its members to collaborate and share content, one of which is this blogs...
In rules issued this week, the Federal Trade Commission declares that bloggers must disclose the receipt of free products and existing financial interests

Bloggers face disclosure rules,0,4733519.story FTC Tells Amateur Bloggers to Disclose Freebies or Be Fined FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials Concurring Opinions: FTC and Blogger Disclosure...

In a matter of speaking, Mashable brings together the good, interesting, strange, and "other" of the web together in one place. With its easy to use interface, Mashable brings together the top-trending new stories from the world of social media, business, technology, and entertainment. Visitors can use one of the three tabs on the top of the homepage to get started, and they can also look at the...

It seems like there is a never-ending flow of sites about digital media, and it times it can present an overwhelming challenge to decide which ones might be most useful. MediaShift is certainly one of the best, and it is led by Mark Glaser, noted journalist, critic, and media expert. With support from PBS, this site and weblog looks at how new media such as podcasts and citizen journalism are...
Military Personnel Overseas "Weblog" Their Experiences Online

Over the past few years, Weblogs have become quite popular, with thousands of individuals, organizations, and other groups forming their own sites devoted to this form of online expression. For those unfamiliar with this growing phenomenon, a Weblog is quite literally a "log" of the Web, where the author links to other Web pages he or she finds interesting, complete with running narration and...
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