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Insects as carriers of disease

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View Resource Insect Vectors of Human Pathogens

Malaria, Chagas disease, tularemia, dysentery, and even pinkeye are just some of the diseases transmitted to humans by insects. Dr. John Meyer may have created this Web site for his entomology students at North Carolina State University, but its interesting material and straightforward format make this a great site for the general visitor as well. For each family of insect described, the Web site...
View Resource Montana State University-Bozeman: Insects, Disease, and History

As carriers of many serious diseases throughout time, insects have certainly played a significant role in shaping world history. Edited by Drs. Gary Miller and Robert Peterson, this website from Montana State University devotes itself to understanding the impact of insect-borne diseases on world history. The site contains several feature articles including: The Role of Insects as Biological...