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Hate crimes -- United States


Apprendi v. New Jersey

In the summer of 2000, the high court released a number of momentous decisions, ruling on "partial birth abortions," the Boy Scouts's ban on gays, the Miranda warning, California's "Blanket" primary, and hate crime sentencing standards.In Apprendi v. New Jersey, a more divided court (5-4) ruled that only a jury may impose additional punishment for the commission of a hate crime, striking down a...
Southern Poverty Law Center: Hate and Extremism

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been monitoring the activities of hate groups and extremist activities since 1981. Today, their Intelligence Project continues to track over 800 hate groups across the United States. First-time visitors to the site can look over brief synopses of current activities within various hate groups. From there, visitors will want to visit the "Intelligence Report"...
Two Towns of Jasper

The subject of race and race-relations in the United States is one that is at times avoided by many persons, but the documentary Two Towns of Jasper and its well-conceived Web site developed by PBS foster meaningful dialogue about these issues. The documentary deals with the murder of James Byrd (a black man), who was dragged to his death behind a truck driven by three white men in Jasper, Texas....
Webinar: Your Guide to Reporting Censorship

Each year, the ALA's Office of Intellectual Freedom (OIF) releases its list of the most frequently challenged books. To compile this list, the ALA relies on librarians, readers, educators, and others across the country to report instances of challenges and censorship. However, a March 2011 survey indicates that roughly only 20% of cases of book challenges were reported to ALA. In January 2017, the...