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Pandemic Flu

With the recent rise in flu outbreaks both across the United States and the rest of the world, the United States government has developed a broad range of strategies for keeping citizens up to date on the current status of these developments. The Pandemic Flu website is the official US government website for information on the subject (along with coverage of avian influenza) and should be of...
PBS Online -- American Experience: Influenza 1918

This PBS American Experience website provides supplementary information, materials, and resources for Influenza 1918, a film about "the worst epidemic in American history." Site users can access both a Program Description and Transcript for the film as well as Audio Interviews and a Bibliography of related books and websites. This site offers Special Features including a Letter penned by a doctor...
U.S. Faces Another Flu Vaccine Shortage

Some 36,000 Americans die from flu complications every year so public alarm in reaction to the recent decision by British regulators to shut down the supplier of 46 million doses, or about the half this year's planned supply to the U.S., was hardly surprising. The action leaves only about 54 million flu shots available to Americans from a competing firm, and the U.S. government quickly decided...
World Health Organization: Global Influenza Programme

While many public health risks take turns dominating the media spotlight, influenza continues to be a very real risk for billions of people around the globe. While the most well-known influenza pandemic remains the world-wide outbreak of the disease in 1918, the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to explore and track incidences of this disease in an effort to avoid another outbreak. On the...