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Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association

There are people out there who would eagerly take a great pair of wool-blend socks and sturdy boots over Italian leather shoes any day. These are the people who carefully examine their calendar each winter, tallying and re-tallying their days off from work en route to finding ways to combine them with paid holidays. All so that they can have just one more day "on the trail." These are the people...
Hiking 101

Tomorrow, June 5, hikers will celebrate National Trails Day, an annual recognition of the recreation opportunities and preservation needs within green spaces. For those new to hiking, perhaps the celebration will spark a new interest; the American Hiking Society's (AHS) Hiking 101 portal is a great resource for those looking to get started. Home to information on everything from hiking etiquette...
National Geographic-Adventure

The promise of any sort of adventure can be a magic tonic to any rather dull and ordinary day. National Geographic knows a few things about adventure, and this website brings together fascinating photographs, essays, itineraries, and other items that will be most useful to the casual or extreme adventurer. Visitors can look over the "Beyond the Edge" blog, which features everything from...
Pick A Trail

Developed by the Wilderness Society, the Pick a Trail Web site offers general information about backpacking and hiking in the United States and different trails in other countries, such as the United Kingdom. The trails featured on the site are organized alphabetically, with a special emphasis placed on those trails leading through the US National Park System. Information on each trail includes a...
Trail Database

Something of a veteran by Internet standards, the Trail Database has been around since 1997 and, as such, now bills itself as the "world's largest hiking trail database." "Henk," the Dutch hiker responsible for this compendium, updates the site regularly and has included a wide variety of links to helpful material here. Users can search or browse the resources, which are arranged both under...