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Voting-machines -- Technological innovations.


View Resource Caltech-MIT/ Voting Technology Project

In light of the 2000 presidential election controversy and troubles with voting in Florida, the Caltech/ MIT Voting Technology Project (VTP) was formed to evaluate election systems to prevent these problems from recurring. Several studies and press releases by the VTP are documented on its home page, including one that found a "35% improvement in Florida's voting technology" for the 2002 election,...
View Resource Electronic Frontier Foundation: E-voting Archive

EFF argues that, "communities across America are purchasing electronic voting (e-voting) machines, but the technology has serious security problems that aren't being addressed." The EFF website seeks to alert the public to a debate between researchers who have raised concerns with the security of the technology and one manufacturer's attempt to terminate those criticisms. The archive is "a...
View Resource Vote: The Machinery of Democracy

Always one with a timely exhibition that reflects both historical concerns and issues of immediate expediency, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History has created this website as the online incarnation of one of their current exhibits, “Vote: The Machinery of Democracy”. Through a host of relevant items (such as one of the controversial butterfly ballots used in Palm Beach County,...