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America 2050

Created as part of the Regional Plan Association (RPA), America 2050 is a coalition partner of Transportation For America. As the national infrastructure planning and policy program for the RPA, its goal is to provide consult and leadership on a broad range of transportation, sustainability, and economic development issues. Since its start in 2005, the RPA has published a range of influential...
Amtrak to Face Steep Budget Cuts and Potential Restructuring

On Monday, a plan devised by President Bush to restructure Amtrak (the national passenger-train service) was delivered to Congress. Predicated on the idea that Amtrak can compete in a competitive marketplace (despite the fact that the for-profit federally subsidized corporation has never turned a profit), the plan states that over the next six years Amtrak will become three companies, the federal...
Can peer-to-peer car sharing "go big"?

Let a Stranger Drive Your Car? More Owners Say 'Yes' Personal car-sharing is a new twist on auto rentals Zipcar invests in...
Connecting to Opportunity: Access to Jobs via Transit in the Washington, D.C. Region

The Brookings Institution works on a range of issues through their Metropolitan Policy Program, which has always been interested in transportation. In November 2012, program fellow Martha Ross finished this trenchant look at improving transportation connections within the D.C. region. The 41-page paper contains a number of interesting findings, including the observation that almost 90 percent of...
Government Transportation Financial Statistics 2001

This 127-page report by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) highlights government transportation financial statistics for the fiscal year 2001. The report is limited to civilian transportation, including US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and transportation-related activities of the US Coast Guard (USCG). The report includes federal revenues and expenditures by mode and program from 1977...
Institute of Transportation Studies at UC-Davis

Organized in 1991, the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) at the University of California-Davis has become an internationally recognized center for both applied research and overall scholarship in the field of transportation, serving as a home for 50 affiliated faculty members and a number of graduate students. Here visitors can learn about the Institute, read about educational...
International Transport Research Documentation

Produced and maintained by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) at the National Academies of Sciences, "the Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) Database is the world's largest and most comprehensive bibliographic resource on transportation information." Recently, an online version of TRIS was launched as a component of the National Transportation Library, providing access to...
National Transportation Statistics 2001

Released in July 2002, this 431-page document prepared by the United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics contains almost every piece of aggregate data on transportation imaginable. While going through the entire document may be a challenge, the report is divided into more readily digestible sections such as Transportation System, Transportation Safety, and Transportation and the Economy....
North American Transportation in Figures

Posted by the US Census Bureau in October 2000, North American Transportation in Figures brings together transportation statistics from US, Canadian, and Mexican government data sources. The comprehensive document "examines transportation and transportation-related passenger, freight, economic, safety, energy, environmental and demographic statistics from the three nations." The report contains...
San Francisco Cable Car Museum

Celebrated in American film, song, and popular legend, the San Francisco cable car gets its full due on this well honed site devoted to the history and operation of this cherished form of transportation. Beginning with a virtual tour of the Cable Car Museum, the site contains a full roster of current San Francisco cable cars and a detailed explanation of how a cable car works. Probably the...
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