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International Space Station

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BioEd Online: Spider in Space Mission Page

Beyond the bounds of the Earth's atmosphere, two golden orb spiders are living and flourishing on the International Space Station. Each one lives in separate habitat chambers, and they have a bountiful supply of fruit flies. Each chamber contains cameras and lighting systems, and visitors can use this site from BioEd Online to peer into their world up above. BioEd Online also provides an amazing...
Boeing: Defense, Space & Security

Boeing plays a key role in the scientific exploration of space, and has for many years. On this Web site, Boeing outlines numerous projects and developments currently underway. There are five general areas of the site, which include launch and orbital systems, human spaceflight and exploration, global connectivity, integrated battlespace, and missile defense. Each of these sections offers detailed...
Boeing: International Space Station

Boeing, the prime contractor for the International Space Station (ISS), has developed this website to provide information on the technology of the program. The ISS will be more than four times as large as the Russian Mir when completed, and is "the largest, most complex international scientific project in history and our largest adventure into space to date." Boeing is responsible for the design,...
Expedition 8 Crew

With goals of maintaining the International Space Station and performing various experiments, the Expedition 8 Crew aboard the Russian Space Vehicle, Soyuz 7, launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan on October 18, 2003 and docked at the Space Station October 20, 2003. The two are expected to reside at the station until April 29, 2004. At this site, visitors can read biographies of the...
Iconic Service to Science

Earth to all space enthusiasts: Iconic Service to Science is out of this world! The project shares the history and future of the International Space Station (ISS). Scrolling down the page, readers will discover an abridged story of the ISS, including its inception, first mission, and changes along the way. Monumental eras are categorized into five sections: At the Dawn of Unity, An Inhabited...
International Space Station: An Interactive Reference Guide

NASA can really put together a website, and the dramatic visual and audio introduction to their online interactive guide to the world of the International Space Station (ISS) is worth sitting back and watching in its entirety. After the introduction, visitors can listen to Commander Mike Fincke talk about the various scientific endeavors that are part of the Station's mission. The rest of the...

On Sunday November 30, STS-97 Mission Specialists Carlos Noriega and Joe Tanner began the eleventh space walk in the history of the International Space Station. A daily status report on this mission is available from NASA's Johnson Space Center.
The International Space Station: Improving Life On Earth and In Space: The NASA Research Plan, An Overview

This National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) report describes how the International Space Station (ISS) will be used to further NASA's mission of scientific research and exploration of space. The research plan is divided into five sections with the heart of the report contained in Putting Space to Work the World Over. This section is subdivided into categories dealing with the...