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Educational Outreach: References

As part of the Oklahoma Climatological Survey, the Educational Outreach Web site contains a References page for teachers. The materials provided are "intended to be used by teachers as refresher information prior to teaching a given subject... and are not meant to be comprehensive, but should provide adequate depth in the subject for use by most K-12 teachers." Titles of the materials include...
FEMA for Kids: Tornadoes

Tornadoes, like most natural disasters, can be harrowing events for all persons in any given region, and most certainly for young children. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has developed this website to inform children about the nature of tornadoes. From the site's homepage, visitors can read about the experiences of young people who have been present during major tornado-bearing...
Forces of Nature: National Geographic Education

This dynamic site from National Geographic Education features invigorating ganders into four of nature’s most devastating forces. Start with Tornadoes. Six sections – What is a Tornado, What Causes Tornadoes, and Characteristics of Tornadoes, among others – provide an informative overview of these sudden, sometimes devastating wind events. Next, take a look at Volcanoes, and click on headings like...
Hunt for the Super Twister

At this web site, NOVA features articles, interactive activities, and other resources about tornados in the United States. Users can learn why the United States is home to about three-fourths of all tornados worldwide. A fun interactive module allows users to access and rate the strengths of tornados based on images of destruction. Thomas Grazulis presents an article detailing the destruction of a...
Stormtrack: Storm Chaser Homepage

Stormtrack, the storm chaser homepage, is an information-rich site geared toward general audiences. Along with up-to-the minute reports on exciting storm activity around the US, Stormtrack provides a library of chase logs and case studies, data links, weather maps, a message board and more. Miscellaneous topics posted at the site include the energy-helicicity index, hurricane and tornado damage,...

As one of the most powerful naturally occurring phenomena, tornados cause significant damage to people and property each year. Although twisters cause such destruction, or perhaps because of this, people's fascination with them continues. The Web reflects this by offering very good and interesting sites about tornados, the first of which is offered by Roger Edwards of the Storm Prediction Center...