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Obesity -- Research


Howard Hughes Medical Institute: BioInteractive-Lecture Series

From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), this website presents the 2004 Holiday Lectures on Science Series. The Series is titled the Science of Fat, and the site includes four webcast lectures by Drs. Ronald M. Evans and Jeffrey M. Friedman of the HHMI. Lecture titles include Deconstructing Obesity; Understanding Fat: Syndrome X and Beyond; Balancing the Fat Equation; and Exploring...
Obesity and Genomics: A Public Health Perspective

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Office of Genetics and Disease Prevention and Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity, this Web siteis a collection of information on the relationship between obesity and genetics. It offers links to a variety of sources of information, including Web resources and journal articles on the problem of obesity, the relationship between...
Out of Balance: Marketing of Soda, Candy, Snacks and Fast Foods Drowns Out Healthful Messages

Despite the best intentions of many public health educators and concerned parents, the obesity problem in the United States continues to grow. A number of organizations have been interested in looking at the role of advertising as a part of this process, and this particular 31-page report on the subject will be of interest to many. Jointly published by the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network and...
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Last profiled in the July 14, 1995 edition of the Scout Report)

General Robert Wood Johnson (of Johnson & Johnson renown) was an adamant supporter of training for hospital administrators, and out of this interest came the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Today, the Foundation is "devoted exclusively to improving the health and health care of all Americans." From their headquarters in Princeton, the Foundation supports research into human capital, childhood...